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Balance the Superfood Shot

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers at the Cross-Lines Community Garden

        You may be wondering how a booming Lenexa-based startup company like Balance the Superfood Shot® came to be regular volunteers in the Cross-Lines Community Garden. Most days, their small staff of ten is busily selling a product they are passionate about: half your required daily fruits and vegetables in a two-ounce bottle. But in the summer, they focus on putting their values of giving back to work by weeding garden beds, watering plants, and planting and harvesting food for the community.
       “It’s in alignment with our company mission,” said Alex Dapp, the Community Manager at Balance the Superfood Shot®. “It helps give us a fresh perspective and give back to the community. We know at the end of the day it’s benefiting a greater cause.”
       A majority of the produce grown in the Cross-Lines Community Garden is donated to the Food Pantry where clients can “shop” for their favorite summertime snack. Some of the produce is also used by the Community Kitchen for meals. Twice a week, faithful volunteers, like Balance the Superfood Shot®, work in the Cross-Lines Community Garden, braving the Kansas heat to provide healthy food for those that need it most.
       “It’s a cool thing to see the process from seed to harvest,” said Dapp, clearly excited about the upcoming planting season. “It’s great to see that our hard work has bloomed.”