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Hunger Relief Program

Our Programs

Cross-Lines' Hunger Relief Program strives to alleviate hunger by providing nutritious foods for those in need. Cross-Lines has the following hunger relief services:

  • Community Kitchen 
  • Community Market 
Community Kitchen

We serve breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday, at the Don Bakely Community Annex located on the Cross-Lines campus at 646 S. 7th Street Trafficway. All meals are provided within the dining room. We also provide sack lunches for takeaway to individuals on their way to work.

The Cross-Lines Community Kitchen offers a warm, fresh meal to anyone who needs it. During the summer, the kitchen serves a large number of children and families who need meals when school is not in session. We serve approximately 150 people for lunch every day.

Cross-Lines' goal is to provide fresh fruit and vegetables at each meal. The Cross-Lines Community Kitchen relies heavily on church groups, businesses, and organizations to help us prepare and serve meals. Learn more about volunteer opportunities for the kitchen.

Community Market

Cross-Lines offers clients a more dignified experience by providing a grocery-store like experience where they can choose the foods most appropriate for their family. The market is a bright, cheery space with lime green walls, large wall decals of fresh vegetables with bright windows and well-stocked and organized shelves. Shoppers are greeted at a welcome desk before getting their cart and beginning their trip up and down the wide aisles.

Like any typical grocery store, baskets near the front of the Community Market hold a wide variety of fresh produce such as ears of corn, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, potatoes and cilantro. Aisles are neatly stocked with canned goods, peanut butter and dried beans. Large refrigerators hold meat, milk, butter and eggs. There are full-size toiletry necessities such as shampoo, soap, toothpastes, toothbrushes and deodorant. The market also has cleaning supplies, paper towels, diapers and toilet paper.

Inclusiveness & Choice

The Community Market is a deliberate shift away from a traditional food pantry to a more inclusive, respectful program where clients are shoppers empowered to choose the items they need most. Shoppers can come once every 60 days and use points based on their household size. The points allow shoppers to get enough food for approximately ten meals. For example, a household of 1-2 receives 30 points and can get two full plastic bags of fresh produce as well as other items, including meat, eggs, butter, and canned goods. The Market also offers items relevant to a person’s culture. For instance, the market carries Hispanic food items like mole, beans, and tajin seasoning.

The families we serve often struggle to put food on the table between paychecks or when an unexpected emergency arises. Due to a rise in demand, this program currently serves Wyandotte County ONLY. 

The Community Market is supported by food and monetary donations from local businesses, churches, civic groups, and individuals. To learn more about coordinating your own food drive, check out our needs list and contact us to get started.