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Timeframe: Late December-Early March 

Location: 550 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101

Open 6 pm - 8 am when temperatures are expected to fall below 25 degrees. 

Hotline to check for open dates: (913) 214-1104


Note: Spaces are first come, first served. No reserved beds. 

More Information: 

Sleeping on the street is never safe. Sleeping on the street when temperatures fall below freezing is deadly.

Together with many partner agencies, Cross-Lines operates the KCK Cold Weather Shelter each year. The shelter welcomes unhoused guests on nights that the temperature falls below 25 degrees.

Welcomed into our shelter each freezing night, individuals receive a warm meal, access to medical services such as COVID-19 testing and vaccinations and are provided a private space to sleep and store their belongings, safe from brutal winter weather. The shelter ceases operations as planned when the weather warms with the season.

Wyandotte County does not currently have a permanent overnight shelter location. Our unhoused population has nowhere to turn in dire situations like extreme weather, illness, or injury. Cross-Lines is dedicated to working with the community to find long-term solutions for those experiencing homelessness in Wyandotte County.

Why tents?

By utilizing tents within the shelter, our guests are provided a sense of privacy, safety, and the ability to be intentionally separate from others. Providing private space for guests allows for a more dignified, safe, and humane overnight experience.


The overnight shelter project remains successful due to positive partnerships and dedicated volunteers and staff. Cross-Lines recognizes and is grateful for our partners' hard work and dedication to improving the lives of those struggling in our community.

How to Help

Shop the Cold Weather Shelter Amazon Wish List

Volunteer at the Shelter 

Donate to Cross-Lines

For more information about the shelter, please reach out to Kelly Gough Moran

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