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About the Store

Christmas Store

What is the Christmas Store?

The Cross-Lines Christmas Store provides about 350-400 Wyandotte County families with the opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts for their family. Each family receives a gift card for clothing or other items, toys, household items, and groceries. Our hope is to provide families with joy, as well as the dignity and respect of choosing and gifting brand-new presents to their families. Although changing in format through the years, the Cross-Lines Christmas Store has existed since 1970. 


How does it work?

Throughout the year, our Christmas Store volunteers are busy assembling items for the Christmas Store. Each major department is assigned to a church or volunteer(s) and they are responsible for providing the food, toys, and household items, and more for the Christmas Store each year. Most departments are also responsible for providing their own volunteers. 

For six full days in December, the Christmas Store is open to those who have pre-registered in October. Registrants are given a specific time to visit the Christmas Store and local volunteers guide each family through the Store. Quantities are based on household size.