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Who We Are

Organizational Values

Inclusion: Cross-Lines Community Outreach values and promotes an inclusive community where everyone feels welcomed and respected.

Dignity and Respect: We treat every individual with dignity and respect, fostering an environment where self-worth is restored.

Collaboration: We actively collaborate with partners to maximize our impact in addressing poverty and social inequality.

Empowerment: We empower individuals and families to take control of their futures through dedication to life skills and navigation of resource access.

Integrity to Build Trust: We operate at the highest standards of integrity by being transparent, accountable, and ethical in all our actions to build and maintain the trust of our community.

Guiding Principles

Choice: We uphold the principle of choice, recognizing that individuals and families should have the autonomy to make decisions about their lives, ensuring that our programs and services provide options and support informed decision-making.

Hope: Hope is the driving force behind our work. We believe in the transformative power of hope, providing individuals with the inspiration and belief that they can overcome challenges and build brighter futures.

Adaptation/Responsiveness: We are committed to adaptability and responsiveness, continually evolving our programs and services to meet the changing needs of our community, ensuring that we remain agile and effective in our mission.

Advocacy/Justice, system change: We advocate for social justice and systemic change, actively addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality while advocating for equitable policies that uplift those we serve.

Value diversity: We value diversity as a fundamental strength, fostering an inclusive environment where diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences are recognized and celebrated, enriching our organization and the communities we serve.