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Iziah and James

Volunteer Spotlight

A dynamic duo, indeed! Iziah (left) and James (right) met in early 2022 while volunteering at Cross-Lines and quickly formed a strong and unique bond. You'll find this pair volunteering in the Market every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Iziah (21), who is on the autism spectrum, was encouraged by his mother, Eileen, to help at Cross-Lines to gain more job-like experience. Eileen has been fond of Cross-Lines for many years and knows the staff and volunteers well. Another regular volunteer, James, jumped at the chance to show Iziah around the Community Market and help him grow accustomed to new experiences, meeting new people daily, and working independently. James is a retired school bus driver and volunteers at Cross-Lines to stay busy and meet new people. He enjoys working with young people like Iziah and seeing them succeed. 

Volunteers are truly invaluable to Cross-Lines and help us accomplish much more than we could on our own.

There are always opportunities to pitch in. Are you ready to help? Reach out to our Volunteer Manager, Roxanne Vega-