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Our Mission

The mission of Cross-Lines is to provide people in the Kansas City area affected by poverty with services and opportunities that encourage self-confidence, meet the needs of today, and provide tools for future self-sufficiency.

"I didn't know that my life could be different... My recovery has held a very strong foundation because of Cross-Lines' support. If Cross-Lines wasn't here, I know our community wouldn't be as strong as it is." -Eileen, Cross-Lines local community member.

"Cross-Lines is a blessing to people from all walks of life... They treat everybody with respect and kindness" -James, Volunteer

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How You Can Get Involved

News & Notes

The good you put out into the world will not only benefit the organization you’re volunteering with, but also will leave your family feeling good about the positive work you’ve accomplished together.

This Father’s Day, give Dad the best gift: a caring, compassionate life. See how you can support others around you and give back this Sunday.

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