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Our Mission

The mission of Cross-Lines is to provide people in the Kansas City area affected by poverty with services and opportunities that encourage self-confidence, meet the needs of today, and provide tools for future self-sufficiency.

"When I found Cross-Lines, it took a partial burden off my shoulders because I found somewhere to go on a daily basis to be out of the cold. The people there were very nice to me. They helped me get my ID, social security, and birth certificate, which I had lost. One particular day, he (Nick, Outreach Case Manager) called me and he was so happy for me. He let me know that I'd been approved for an apartment." -Rodney

Cross-Lines is changing lives every day for people just like Rodney, people who deserve dignity and access to support.

You can help today. 


How You Can Get Involved

News & Notes

The 2022 Cross-Lines Christmas Store was a wonderful success!

Although the weather is cooling down, that doesn’t mean volunteer opportunities are also cooling! Use this season to participate in activities made for the colder months.