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Hunger Relief Program

Our Programs

Cross-Lines Hunger Relief Program provides nutritious foods and alleviates hunger for those in need. Cross-Lines has three primary hunger relief services: our Community Kitchen, Food Pantry and Commodities program.  The Food Pantry provides three days of food for families to prepare at home once per month.  The Community Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch five days a week, and the Commodities program provides monthly food boxes to low income seniors. Each of these programs is supplemented with fresh produce from our Community Garden & Orchard.

Food Pantry

The families Cross-Lines serves often struggle to put food on the table between paychecks or when an unexpected emergency arises. The Cross-Lines food pantry provides approximately 3 days of shelf-stable food, fresh produce, and frozen ground beef or turkey to families in Wyandotte, Johnson and Leavenworth County. 

We strive to offer healthier options, including low-sodium canned vegetables and soup, whole wheat pasta, and low-sugar cereals. 

The food pantry is supported by food and monetary donations from local businesses, churches, civic groups, and individuals. If your business, church or organization would like to conduct a food drive, please contact us for a list of our most urgently needed items.

Community Kitchen

At the Don Bakely Community Annex located on the Cross-Lines campus at 646 S. 7th Street Trafficway, Cross-Lines serves breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday.  We also provide sack lunches to individuals on their way to work.  

The Cross-Lines Community Kitchen offers a warm, fresh meal to anyone who needs it.  During the summer, the kitchen is filled with many children who need meals when school is not in session.  Breakfast is often pancakes or oatmeal with fruit; lunch is anything from taco salad to spaghetti.  

Cross-Lines goal is to provide fresh fruit and/or vegetables at each meal.  The Cross-Lines Community Kitchen relies heavily on church groups businesses and organizations to help us prepare and serve meals. 

CSFP Commodities

The CSFP Commodities program at Cross-Lines is a USDA food program for seniors living in Wyandotte, Johnson, or Leavenworth counties.  Low-income seniors receive a box of shelf-stable food each month.  

In addition to the food, Cross-Lines provides a monthly newsletter filled with health and nutrition information.  The commodities program relies on an army of volunteers to assemble and deliver food boxes to senior living complexes throughout the community.

Cross-Lines Community Garden and Orchard

The Cross-Lines Community Garden and Orchard is located on a ¼-acre lot on the Cross-Lines campus.  

Each year, the garden harvests more than 2,000 pounds of produce.  This produce is given to food pantry recipients and served in the community kitchen.  Produce is often used the day it is harvested.  

In addition to the food that is served or given away, community members can purchase the garden produce at low-cost.  

In 2013, Cross-Lines partnered with the Giving Grove to plant a 15-tree orchard.  Within a few years, these apple and pear trees will increase our annual harvest.  

Cross-Lines also offers raised bed gardens to members of the community who would like to tend their own gardens.  Cross-Lines provides the dirt, tools, and seeds. The garden bed ‘owner’ provides the sweat equity, and in return gets all the produce harvested from their bed.  The garden is essential to increasing access to nutritious foods in our community.  We could not provide this much-needed service without the dedication and hard work of our valuable volunteers.