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Housing Stabilization Program

Our Programs

Cross-Lines Housing Stabilization Program promotes housing and family stability by providing rent and utility assistance as well as homeless re-housing services. Many low-income families are just one paycheck away from a financial crisis. An unexpected expense due to a car repair or sudden illness is often enough to cause many families to become unstably housed, or even homeless. Our Case Managers work to address the immediate needs and help families find long-term financial stability to stay together in their homes.

Utility Assistance

The utility assistance program helps prevent disconnection of utility services and assists in getting utilities reconnected if services have been disconnected. We provide essential help with water, electric, and gas bills. This program is limited to residents of Wyandotte County.

Rent Assistance

Through the rental assistance program, Cross-Lines works with families to prevent eviction when they have received an eviction notice. This program prevents homelessness and promotes family stability. This program is limited to residents of Wyandotte County.

Homeless Re-housing

The homeless re-housing program assists individuals and families that are homeless find and move into stable, affordable housing.  Homelessness causes tremendous stress on families.  We work to quickly move individuals and families from homelessness into sustainable housing. Individuals experiencing homelessness can visit the Cross-Lines Main Office to learn more about how we can help.

Case Management

All individuals and families seeking assistance through our housing stability programs work with a case manager to evaluate their needs.  Each family we work with has unique needs and goals for the future.  Our case managers conduct financial assessments, contact landlords and utility companies, and work alongside our clients to help address their needs and work towards a stable future.